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Please care about the real bees in our world and be aware of how greatly important they are to life.  The truth is that bees are important to us because they pollinate the flowers, vegetables, fruits and plants of every kind.

Just like the hero honey bees in our story, real bees are in danger.

Parasites introduced in North America in the 1980’s attack bees. Tiny tracheal mites live inside the honey bee and suck their blood from the inside.  Larger varroa mites live inside the cells of bee hives where young bees are being raised and harm the colony.

Loss of native plant habitats throughout the years.  Bees like big old trees with hollowed out cavities to make their homes.  There are not as many big trees or fields of flowers in the wild as there used to be.

Use of some pesticides may damage the bees ability to gather food and are also killing them either instantly or when they return home. Some pesticides to do not harm the adult bees but cause damage to young, immature bees.

What can we do?

People and nature have to learn to live together.  As our beautiful population of people continues to grow, we must be careful how we manage the habitats so that other living creatures can live and grow in population too.  And this is especially true of the honey bees since they help us with the production of food throughout the world.

Plant more trees and flowers.

Stay away from using pesticides in your yard.

Stay away from bees so you don’t get stung...let them be.

Study science so you might help get rid of bee parasites.

Learn to be a beekeeper and raise bees in your own backyard.

Pray for bees and all living creatures.